I'm Kelsey Olivia and I'm an upcoming artist from Cleveland, OH. 
I started singing and writing song lyrics when I was very young and have always had a strong passion for music. The idea that I can make my own and share it with others is an idea that I love very much. I grew up with music all around, so it is something I hold very close to my heart and that I will never stop pursuing. 
I usually start a song by writing my own lyrics and envisioning the mood and theme for the story. I write about all kinds of things but really it’s whatever feels right at the time. I seek beats out from producers everywhere and bring them to my studio team in Cleveland to create amazing instrumentals. With the help from my wonderful producers and engineers, we start to develop the song together to make something great! 
My first single, "I H8 STRANGERS" came out last month and my newest single "Lose Myself" is streaming everywhere now! We are currently working on an EP, so stay tuned. I am excited to share my thoughts and creative experiences with you!

Kelsey Olivia